Caitlin Rose: A Snapshot

 Born in the North, and raised in the South. I'm coming up on five years of marriage to my high school sweetheart, Thomas. Our lockers were side by side, and I couldn't resist that cute English accent or faux hawk! Fast forward to now, and we're still in love, he still has that faux hawk, and now we have two little boys who bring such joy and laughter to our lives and marriage! My name might be used for the business, but Thomas and I are basically a team since he second shoots weddings with me and assists with everything on the back end, including designing, editing and running the business. We love dressing up for date nights, but even more than that we love cozy nights in PJs spent playing board games and snuggling up with homemade hot chocolate after the boys are in bed.

My Favorite Things 

Jesus . anything chocolate . curling up with a good book . singing (way off key) . baking with my toddler . hearty breakfasts . long runs . flower fields . love letters . chubby babies . the dollar section at Target . scarves .

“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. - Romans 11:36

Random Facts

I used to get in trouble for eating too many fruits and vegetables when I was younger. But I also have a huge sweet tooth and think there's always room for dessert. Especially ice cream!

I am like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who uses Windex for everything...except I use coconut oil for everything (and I mean everything). I realized I might be a little over the top with it when my two year old asked me to put coconut oil on his boo boo! 


Thomas and I used to run marathons together before the babies started coming. I tripped on a short run around our apartment complex a few days before one of our races and fractured my knee! Thomas gave me some "Nutella for Your Patella" to make me feel better, and I stood at the finish line with crutches to cheer him on! 

I leave a million tabs open on my computer at all times. My mind tends to operate the same way.

I'm a pediatric occupational therapist by day, and I'm blessed to work with kids with disabilities who make my heart grow a little softer each day. 

I went to UNC Chapel Hill for undergrad and ECU for grad school. I loved both, and am so thankful ECU brought us to Greenville! 

I love LOVE! Whether it's the exciting, fresh love of an engaged couple looking with anticipation towards a future together, the love of a mother gazing in awe at her newborn, or the playful love between siblings that often comes out as teasing, I can't get enough of it! All of it is a reflection of God's unconditional love, and it's the beauty of that love that I want to capture for you!