Unveiled Couture Bridal Models at Fox Hollow in Washington, NC

This weekend I had the opportunity to capture some gorgeous bridal models before a bridal fashion show at Fox Hollow in Washington! Thank you so much to Unveiled Couture for providing the dresses and models, Gina from Fox Hollow for letting us use her beautiful venue, Southbound Vintage Rentals for the props outside, and Magnolia Photography for organizing the photographers! 

Fox Hollow is a relatively new venue, so I was really glad I got to check it out.  Plus, one of our sweet couples will be getting married there in June! As for the dresses, I loved all of them and can't decide which one is my favorite. I am a sucker for lace and ball gowns, but the beading on the back of the last dress in this post was exquisite too! Here are some of my favorite shots.

Sam and Rachel's Engagement Session: Greenville, NC

Sam and Rachel met through a dating app, and they ended up being a perfect pair! Sam proposed this fall in the Great Smoky Mountains, which couldn't have been a better place since they love spending time outdoors together, doing everything from camping to hiking to fishing. Not a bad backdrop either! ;) 

We really enjoyed our engagement session with them in Greenville a couple weeks ago! We pulled up to the Town Commons to find the finish line for a race and tons of people, but we were thankfully still able to find some great spots for their session. We then headed to downtown Greenville, and afterwards Pitt Brewing Company, where they love going out for drinks together! Sam and Rachel were both so much fun to talk with, and we were flattered that they chose us for their wedding since Sam is also a photographer! Also, these two know so much about some GOOD food. They left us hungry after our session after all the conversation about restaurants and meals, and they made us really want to go to Chef & the Farmer for a fancy date night! 

We are both really excited for their wedding at Rock Springs in Greenville in July! It's going to be beautiful!! For now, enjoy these pictures of this gorgeous couple - seriously, such models!!  

Joe and MK's Engagement Session: Davidson, NC

MK and I used to ride the bus together back in high school (along with Matt, whose wedding we did in the spring), but she was a few years younger than me, so I never really got to know her. She was a guest at a couple of the weddings we shot this year, we enjoyed talking with her at those weddings, and we were really excited when she asked us if we'd be a part of her wedding! Small word! 

Joe and MK met through a family friend, and they've been together for about a year and a half now.  Joe proposed after a strenuous hike to the top of Grandfather Mountain -she said he made her work for it haha! In all seriousness, I can't even imagine how she must have been feeling in that moment, surrounded by the most beautiful view while her man asked for her hand in marriage! While Joe and MK have enjoyed the wedding planning, their main focus has been on the marriage preparation, the ceremony, and the Sacrament of marriage, which is just so wonderful. We can't wait to watch as her grandfather marries them in April at a beautiful Catholic wedding! 

We did their session in the cutest area in Davidson! I found out about the back of this neighborhood when a senior asked to do her session there, and I fell in love with it! It is such a hidden gem, as you'd never know the red, covered bridge and cute paths are behind it, so I was excited when MK and Joe were up for doing the session there. Here are some of our favorites from their session!

Nic and Morgan's Engagement Session: Greenville, NC

Thomas and I are both enjoying this time of year with all of the engagement sessions and getting to know the wonderful couples whose weddings we will capture next year! Nic and Morgan are one of those couples, and they are just adorable together (see the pictures for proof ;) ! They're in school at ECU, and our time with them made us think back on our sweet days of dating and wedding planning while finishing up our undergrad degrees. So much work, but also so much excitement and anticipation!

ECU's campus was the obvious location option for their session because it is such an emotionally significant place for them. Nic and Morgan met on campus through doing a campus ministry together.  Not only did they meet there, but Nic also proposed at the fountain on campus! Back in April, Nic told Morgan he was going to pick her up for a date and suggested they take a walk on campus before going to dinner together. Little did she know, he went to buy her engagement ring that morning! They walked around campus for a bit and Morgan was completely unaware of his plans.  She even told him her feet hurt and wanted to go back to the car, but he convinced her to keep walking.  When they finally got to the fountain in the center of campus, Nic got down on one knee and asked Morgan to marry him! After asking several times if he was serious, she gave a resounding "Yes, of course!" She said she had never been so surprised in her life! She turned around to see Nic's mom and brother taking pictures, and then found out that Nic had arranged for their families and loved ones to celebrate together afterwards! So sweet!

From our time with them, we could tell that they are such genuine, caring people with hearts of gold! When they graduate, Morgan will be a nurse and Nic will be a PE teacher, both in fields where I think they are going to make a huge impact on others! Nic loves the way Morgan cares about others so well, and Morgan loves how Nic is steadfast in his beliefs and remembers that loving other people is what matters the most.  Seriously, such a sweet couple. We are so looking forward to their wedding in April, when we'll get to see their campus minister (who has known them throughout college) marry them in the church where Morgan grew up! 

Enjoy their photos from a perfect overcast day! The brick building in the pictures is the one where they met one another in their campus ministry! 

Elliot and Copeland's Engagement Session: Chapel Hill, NC

We met Elliot and Copeland while photographing Copeland's sister Mallory's wedding last year! Funnily enough, I initially thought that Elliot was their brother because he was included in their family shot, only to find out later that night at the reception that they were dating! Then we just recently found out that when they were in town for Mallory's wedding last year, Elliot had asked Copeland's parents for their blessing for their marriage! 

Elliot and Copeland met while working at an internship at the Meridian International Center in Washington DC, and that's where they will be getting married in December! How special to get married at the spot where they met!! They are a true power couple, both working in international affairs. They went to grad school together in ENGLAND, and they left us living vicariously through all of their European travels. Elliot's proposal was seriously straight out of a romance movie, as he proposed on the rooftop of their favorite restaurant in London, complete with champagne and cheers from everyone on the rooftop! 

We were supposed to do their engagement session over the summer when they were in town, but it ended up getting rained out, so I was anxiously watching the weather all week praying for the rainy forecast to go away since it was the last time they'd be here before the wedding! We were so thankful that the rain held off and that we had an overcast day instead!! We started at UNC Chapel Hill's campus in the arboretum, the same spot where Thomas and I had some of our engagement photos taken SEVEN years ago (um, when did that happen?!) It was so much fun to walk through campus for the first time in ages and reminisce on our college days! We then headed to Maple View Farm, which made Thomas and I want to go back there this summer to sit in the rocking chairs on the front porch at sunset with ice cream.

Copeland is just as sweet, generous, and thoughtful as her sister Mallory, so Thomas and I are thrilled to be a part of another beautiful Barnes wedding and can't wait for December! Enjoy the pictures from their session. Their outfit coordination is so on point I couldn't have picked better options myself! ;) 

Matt and Brittney's Wedding: Charlotte, NC

Back in high school (over 10 years ago, which I really cannot believe!), Matt and I rode the bus to school together. He was a few years younger than me, so I never had the chance to get to know him then.  Fast forward to now when my mom and his mom work together, and I was excited when they contacted us to talk about wedding photography! After meeting over coffee with Matt and his gorgeous fiance Brittney - a charming, organized, sweet pre-school teacher, as well doing their engagement session and photographing Brittney's bridals, Thomas and I were both SO excited to be a part of their wedding! They make a perfect pair. Matt loves Brittney's electric personality and the way she lights up the room with her smile.  Brittney loves how passionate, hardworking, and goofy Matt is. Their joy and the way that have so much fun just being around one another was contagious!  

Everything about their wedding day was stunning, as I imagined it would be after talking to Brittney about all the details. I loved seeing her vision come together. I especially loved the neutral colors, her dress (!!!), the adorable floral robes for getting ready, the historic church with beautiful woodwork, and the Kate Spade shoes with bows! 

Thomas and I had so many favorite moments throughout the day! Her first look with her dad. Her "first touch" with Matt where they held hands around the door of the church and prayed together before the ceremony. Matt's teary-eyed look as Brittney walked down the aisle with her dad. So much sweetness!! And their reception was a BLAST! They told us to look forward to a party because their families are both so fun, and it definitely was a party! There was a huge crowd on the dance floor the entire night, and it made it so much fun for us! Also, the Big Chill (the reception venue) was really unique because there were spotlights on for the dances and speeches, making for more dramatic pictures than our usual style, and I'm kind of loving it! Their exit incorporated purple and gold pom poms because they attended and met at ECU, the perfect finishing touch, and with that they were off for a Jamaican honeymoon! 

Enjoy the pictures of those moments and the rest of their beautiful day! :)