Chris and Heather's Engagement Session: Wilmington, NC

Chris and Heather's engagement session in Wilmington may be another new favorite session! We haven't been to Wilmington since we were looking at colleges many years ago, and neither of us really remembered much about it. What a perfectly charming waterfront town and a gorgeous location for a session!!  It was a wonderful choice for their session too, as it was the town where they had their very first date at the restaurant The Pilot House! We actually ended their session at The Pilot House, and we thought it was so sweet that they stayed to have dinner there afterwards! We had some iffy weather, and it was completely overcast for the whole session, but we were extremely grateful for the perfect timing of the rain holding off until right after we took the last picture as we walked back to the car!! 

Chris and Heather make such a great pair, and we really enjoyed our time getting to know them! Chris loves Heather's thoughtfulness, selflessness, and the way constantly thinks of ways to bring joy to others and to show her love for them.  Heather loves his positive attitude, sense of humor, and hard work ethic. They both clearly have hearts of gold, as Heather is a nurse and Chris works for Habitat for Humanity. We love that they're living out their lives in service to others, and we can't wait to celebrate their love in Wilmington in December!!  

Here are some of our favorite pictures from their sessions! I absolutely love cute waterfront towns and adorable couples, so of course I was loving these photos! Also, their outfits and colors were on point, Heather had her hair and makeup done for the session, and she looked incredible!

Heather's Hair: Set Blowout Bar in Wilmington, NC
Heather's Makeup: Blush Hause of Beaute in Wilmington, NC

Jeremy and Christina's Engagement Session: Four Oaks, NC

Jeremy and Christina's sunset engagement session at the Harper House and Bentonville Battlefields this weekend was wonderful! They are such a sweet pair - so down to earth, joyful, and really excited about getting married! We loved this session, and we were especially excited when they told us they wanted to incorporate Jeremy's pick up truck because it made for such unique and fun shots!! My other favorite aspects were Christina's gorgeous floral maxi dress and the huge, open field where we ended the session just as the sun set behind the trees - stunning!  

These two met through work at a milling company, and Jeremy's proposal story was pretty incredible! Since Christina is in charge of quality assurance and safety, Jeremy convinced the manager to call her to come out to the mill to look at a safety issue on the roof in the evening.  Once their manager went up to the top with her, he disappeared and Jeremy came out to propose with a gorgeous sunset view as the backdrop! He even arranged for Christina's brother to be up there with his drone to record it on video for them! I love the fact that he proposed at such a significant place for them (at work, where they met), as well as the fact that he did it on the rooftop at sunset, AND that he planned for the video of it!

We are really looking forward to capturing their wedding day in October! They are determined to place Christ at the center of their marriage,  so they plan on having a Christ-centered ceremony with a focus on the two of them becoming one family. We just love hearing that because of the abundant grace that we have seen in our marriage throughout the years from constantly trying to center our marriage and our family around Him. They are also going to have a lot of Southern touches and sentimental family items, so it's going to be a special day all around, and we can't wait to photograph the whole thing! 

Congratulations, Jeremy and Christina!!  So happy for you! 

Andy and Mandy's Engagement Session: Conway, NC

We absolutely loved shooting Andy and Mandy's engagement session in Conway on Sunday!  Mandy is a speech therapist, who I met when working as an occupational therapist a few years ago. I was excited to see her again, and I'm even more excited to be a part of her wedding day! There were a couple things that made their engagement session extra sweet and sentimental. First of all, we did the session at Andy's grandparents' house and barn - so meaningful! It was also a great location for the two of them because Andy is a farmer and hunter, so we were able to tie in some of his story.  Mandy said the rustic look of the property will tie into the decor of their house, making their engagement pictures perfect to hang on the walls! Finally, they incorporated a beautiful, heirloom quilt into their session. It has been passed down generations of Mandy's family whenever someone gets married. The pattern is "double wedding ring," which is so neat! My mom is a big quilter, so I always appreciate the time and love that goes into making something that beautiful! 

One of my favorite aspects of their love story is the way that Andy selflessly cared for Mandy after an accident on his farm. Andy was on the backhoe and it tipped into a canal full of water. Mandy thought he was trapped, so she jumped into the canal to save him. She felt her ankle crack and knew it was broken. Andy, who wasn't trapped afterall, pulled Mandy out of the canal, and they rushed to the ER, both covered in mud, to find out that her ankle was crushed. She had three surgeries and couldn't walk for nearly six months. Throughout this entire ordeal, Andy worked with her mom and sister to take care of Mandy, doing everything from driving her to work to going to all of her doctor's appointments. Love is all about beautiful, selfless actions like that, and it is evident that Andy will always be by Mandy's side, for better or for worse after that incident! 

Andy and Mandy are a perfect match for one another, and we loved how joyful they were together at their engagement session! It made me smile when Andy would whisper something to Mandy that had her crack up laughing with the most genuine, beautiful smile! We're counting down the days to their rustic wedding next month! It's going to be an intimate, laidback, fun day, and we can't wait!! 

Unveiled Couture Bridal Models at Fox Hollow in Washington, NC

This weekend I had the opportunity to capture some gorgeous bridal models before a bridal fashion show at Fox Hollow in Washington! Thank you so much to Unveiled Couture for providing the dresses and models, Gina from Fox Hollow for letting us use her beautiful venue, Southbound Vintage Rentals for the props outside, and Magnolia Photography for organizing the photographers! 

Fox Hollow is a relatively new venue, so I was really glad I got to check it out.  Plus, one of our sweet couples will be getting married there in June! As for the dresses, I loved all of them and can't decide which one is my favorite. I am a sucker for lace and ball gowns, but the beading on the back of the last dress in this post was exquisite too! Here are some of my favorite shots.

Sam and Rachel's Engagement Session: Greenville, NC

Sam and Rachel met through a dating app, and they ended up being a perfect pair! Sam proposed this fall in the Great Smoky Mountains, which couldn't have been a better place since they love spending time outdoors together, doing everything from camping to hiking to fishing. Not a bad backdrop either! ;) 

We really enjoyed our engagement session with them in Greenville a couple weeks ago! We pulled up to the Town Commons to find the finish line for a race and tons of people, but we were thankfully still able to find some great spots for their session. We then headed to downtown Greenville, and afterwards Pitt Brewing Company, where they love going out for drinks together! Sam and Rachel were both so much fun to talk with, and we were flattered that they chose us for their wedding since Sam is also a photographer! Also, these two know so much about some GOOD food. They left us hungry after our session after all the conversation about restaurants and meals, and they made us really want to go to Chef & the Farmer for a fancy date night! 

We are both really excited for their wedding at Rock Springs in Greenville in July! It's going to be beautiful!! For now, enjoy these pictures of this gorgeous couple - seriously, such models!!  

Joe and MK's Engagement Session: Davidson, NC

MK and I used to ride the bus together back in high school (along with Matt, whose wedding we did in the spring), but she was a few years younger than me, so I never really got to know her. She was a guest at a couple of the weddings we shot this year, we enjoyed talking with her at those weddings, and we were really excited when she asked us if we'd be a part of her wedding! Small word! 

Joe and MK met through a family friend, and they've been together for about a year and a half now.  Joe proposed after a strenuous hike to the top of Grandfather Mountain -she said he made her work for it haha! In all seriousness, I can't even imagine how she must have been feeling in that moment, surrounded by the most beautiful view while her man asked for her hand in marriage! While Joe and MK have enjoyed the wedding planning, their main focus has been on the marriage preparation, the ceremony, and the Sacrament of marriage, which is just so wonderful. We can't wait to watch as her grandfather marries them in April at a beautiful Catholic wedding! 

We did their session in the cutest area in Davidson! I found out about the back of this neighborhood when a senior asked to do her session there, and I fell in love with it! It is such a hidden gem, as you'd never know the red, covered bridge and cute paths are behind it, so I was excited when MK and Joe were up for doing the session there. Here are some of our favorites from their session!