Eddie and Mallory's Wedding: Greenville, NC

In June, Thomas and I had the privilege of capturing Eddie and Mallory's wedding day. It was almost as beautiful as their love story! 

Eddie and Mallory met through Eddie's sister, Lizzie, who does Bible study with Mallory. Lizzie was determined for Mallory to meet her brother Eddie, so she set up some group game nights for them to get to know one another. After a few group get togethers, they went on their first date at the Coffee Shack, where they spent hours talking, enjoying each other's company, and getting to know one another better. From that very first date, they both knew something special might be ahead! They dated for about 11 months, which brings us to January and Eddie's sweet and thoughtful proposal (keep reading - it's a really good one!!) 

Eddie asked Mallory on a date to Little Washington to read at a coffee shop. After eating hot dogs along the waterfront, they drove to the coffee shop only to find it closed. Little did Mallory know, that was all part of Eddie's plan! Eddie told her he knew of another coffee shop in Bath, so they headed towards Bath and Eddie drove by the "coffee shop" (this was actually a random storefront and not a coffee shop - again, all a part of Eddie's plan). Eddie told Mallory that it was also closed. With no coffee shop open for a date, they drove throughout Bath and saw the beautiful chapel there. Mallory asked to go in, and upon entering found a beautiful scene at the front of the church.

Eddie had placed driftwood, candles, and a Bible near the altar. He placed the Bible in Mallory's hands, and when she looked down she saw that her first name and his last name were written on the cover. Eddie then got down on one knee and excitedly asked her to marry him. Afterwards, they prayed together and read through Ephesians 5 about marriage. They celebrated with dinner together, and then went back to Greenville for Mallory to find that he had coordinated a celebration with their family and friends. How perfect is that!?

All of that brought us to their beautiful wedding day in June! Eddie and Mallory were hopeful that their wedding ceremony and marriage would display the Gospel, and it really and truly was such a beautiful display of God's love for his people. It was a joy for Thomas and I to witness their strong love for Jesus and for one another and how He has brought their lives together into one. How special it was to witness Mallory's bridesmaids and mother pray over her before the ceremony and for Thomas to watch as Eddie passed out journals for Bible study to his groomsmen. The ceremony was focused on Christ, and Eddie's dad preached about what marriage means and a man and a woman's role within marriage. I teared up way too many times throughout the day! 

And oh, Eddie and Mallory. They were such a sweet, gracious, and down to earth couple. When I think back on that day, the one word that comes to my mind is joy. Pure joy. Through the excitement and anticipation of getting ready, that moment of seeing one another for the first time during the first look, and the moment they became husband and wife, they were so filled with joy. They were so excited to just be married, and it was evident throughout the entire day. They didn't even get upset about the torrential downpour throughout the morning that completely changed our plans for pictures! 

Without further ado, here is the story of their wedding day in pictures! :) 

Getting Ready Location: The Pamlico House B&B in Washington, NC
Ceremony Location: Integrity Church in Greenville, NC
Reception Location: The Martinsborough in Greenville, NC
Florist: Val at Your Perfect Day 
DJ: Coastal DJ and Video