Nic and Morgan's Engagement Session: Greenville, NC

Thomas and I are both enjoying this time of year with all of the engagement sessions and getting to know the wonderful couples whose weddings we will capture next year! Nic and Morgan are one of those couples, and they are just adorable together (see the pictures for proof ;) ! They're in school at ECU, and our time with them made us think back on our sweet days of dating and wedding planning while finishing up our undergrad degrees. So much work, but also so much excitement and anticipation!

ECU's campus was the obvious location option for their session because it is such an emotionally significant place for them. Nic and Morgan met on campus through doing a campus ministry together.  Not only did they meet there, but Nic also proposed at the fountain on campus! Back in April, Nic told Morgan he was going to pick her up for a date and suggested they take a walk on campus before going to dinner together. Little did she know, he went to buy her engagement ring that morning! They walked around campus for a bit and Morgan was completely unaware of his plans.  She even told him her feet hurt and wanted to go back to the car, but he convinced her to keep walking.  When they finally got to the fountain in the center of campus, Nic got down on one knee and asked Morgan to marry him! After asking several times if he was serious, she gave a resounding "Yes, of course!" She said she had never been so surprised in her life! She turned around to see Nic's mom and brother taking pictures, and then found out that Nic had arranged for their families and loved ones to celebrate together afterwards! So sweet!

From our time with them, we could tell that they are such genuine, caring people with hearts of gold! When they graduate, Morgan will be a nurse and Nic will be a PE teacher, both in fields where I think they are going to make a huge impact on others! Nic loves the way Morgan cares about others so well, and Morgan loves how Nic is steadfast in his beliefs and remembers that loving other people is what matters the most.  Seriously, such a sweet couple. We are so looking forward to their wedding in April, when we'll get to see their campus minister (who has known them throughout college) marry them in the church where Morgan grew up! 

Enjoy their photos from a perfect overcast day! The brick building in the pictures is the one where they met one another in their campus ministry!