Pat and Anna's Wedding: Charlotte, NC

It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were doing Pat and Anna's engagement session, and now they are MARRIED!! I think I mentioned in their engagement session post that Anna attended our wedding with Thomas's brother almost six years ago, so it was extra special to be a part of her day years later! 

Pat and Anna had their first date a little over two years ago at Thomas Street Tavern in Charlotte. Anna recalled that her embarrassing opening line was "So...tell me about your family!" They were both able to laugh it off, making them immediately comfortable with each other, and they ended up staying together chatting for four hours, so long that they got kicked out of their table! When discussing getting married, they both thought they'd get engaged in Scotland, and Pat even planned on proposing at the peak of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. However, they had a lot going on between both of them getting new jobs and moving, all happening right around the same time.  Anna told Pat he didn't have an elaborate plan because she just wanted to be with him, and she wouldn't mind if he just proposed in his sunroom! So one day, Anna was having wine with Pat's mom, and his mom repeatedly tried to get her to go see Pat.  Although Anna was a little confused, she headed over to Pat's condo, and she was completely surprised to find Pat on one knee with a ring that had been passed down through his family. They celebrated afterwards with dinner at Alexander Michael's, and Pat told Anna they were going to a restaurant with Anna's future initials! :) Honestly, knowing the two of them and their sweet, down-to-earth personalities, I think this simple proposal suited them even better than a proposal in Scotland! 

Their wedding day was completely perfect! Pat and Anna are some of the most kind and loving people, so I guess we should have known that their family would be just the same, but it was still such a wonderful surprise to be so welcomed and cared for throughout the day by their family and friends! We truly felt like we were just guests there to take some pictures! 

The ceremony at Saint Gabriel Catholic Church was beautiful and reverent, especially with Pat and Anna being consecrated to Mary.  They were married by Father Bob, a close family friend who Anna's mom has known since she was 13.  Back in 1991, he unexpectedly lost his wife, and he entered the seminary to become a priest five years later.  It was really unique to hear a homily at a Catholic wedding about marriage and family from someone who was once married and had several children, but it was even more special that they had such a close priest and family friend present to officiate the wedding! 

Pat and Anna planned for two receptions because they wanted to have an intimate, family gathering-type feeling to their day, but they also wanted their guests to be able to party and have a good time together! They accomplished just that, as they first had a lunch reception at Fahrenheit, which has the most amazing skyline view of Charlotte! This was where they shared their first dance as husband and wife, cut their cake, and had toasts.  Their guests enjoyed lunch together, with the city of Charlotte as the backdrop out the windows. The tables were close, the toasts made us both tear up and crack up, and the reception with long tables gave off vibes of that intimate, family feeling they were going for! Afterwards, many of the guests headed to Dandelion Market for more drinks, great food, and dancing for the rest of the night, and it was a blast!  

Overall, it was a beautiful day, and it was such an honor to be a part of it! It was evident to us that their love for one another and each other's families is deep, and I feel like the way they treasure one another and how they were focused on the most important thing, being joined in Christ, came across in the way they planned their wedding.  Enjoy a little story of their day through pictures that tell it better than I can with words! :)  

Getting Ready Hotel: Charlotte Marriott City Center 
Hair and Makeup: Cali Stott  
Ceremony: Saint Gabriel Catholic Church
Lunch Reception: Fahrenheit
After Party Reception: Dandelion Market