Blake and Whitney's Engagement Session: Raleigh, NC

Whitney and I went to grad school at ECU together, so I was thrilled when she asked us to be a part of their wedding day!! Thomas and I actually met Blake the night he and Whitney started dating several years ago while playing Farkle at a friend's house! A few years later, and here they are preparing to get married!! 

It was a normal, ordinary Wednesday when Blake proposed to Whitney. Whitney was at work and joked with some of her friends that Blake would probably propose on a random Tuesday, and her friend reminder her that her husband proposed on a random Thursday. Whitney joked that it might average out to happen on a random Wednesday.  Little did she know that when she got home that day, it really would happen on that random Wednesday! She was fumbling with all her work bags when she got home and glanced up to see flowers on the table and then realized Blake was in the entryway down on one knee! She said stood in shock briefly, although Blake said it was for about 30 seconds, before throwing down her bags and saying yes! 

We had so much fun doing their engagement session in Raleigh! We started in their gorgeous neighborhood to take pictures with their dog, and then we headed to downtown Raleigh to take some pictures around their wedding venue, 214 Martin Street. We just loved this whole session - the crape myrtles, cobblestone streets, and Whitney's gorgeous "husky eyes," as Blake calls them! Mostly though, we really love the two of them and can't wait to celebrate with them in April!! It's so special getting to be a part this exciting time in life for old friends!