Andy and Mandy's Engagement Session: Conway, NC

We absolutely loved shooting Andy and Mandy's engagement session in Conway on Sunday!  Mandy is a speech therapist, who I met when working as an occupational therapist a few years ago. I was excited to see her again, and I'm even more excited to be a part of her wedding day! There were a couple things that made their engagement session extra sweet and sentimental. First of all, we did the session at Andy's grandparents' house and barn - so meaningful! It was also a great location for the two of them because Andy is a farmer and hunter, so we were able to tie in some of his story.  Mandy said the rustic look of the property will tie into the decor of their house, making their engagement pictures perfect to hang on the walls! Finally, they incorporated a beautiful, heirloom quilt into their session. It has been passed down generations of Mandy's family whenever someone gets married. The pattern is "double wedding ring," which is so neat! My mom is a big quilter, so I always appreciate the time and love that goes into making something that beautiful! 

One of my favorite aspects of their love story is the way that Andy selflessly cared for Mandy after an accident on his farm. Andy was on the backhoe and it tipped into a canal full of water. Mandy thought he was trapped, so she jumped into the canal to save him. She felt her ankle crack and knew it was broken. Andy, who wasn't trapped afterall, pulled Mandy out of the canal, and they rushed to the ER, both covered in mud, to find out that her ankle was crushed. She had three surgeries and couldn't walk for nearly six months. Throughout this entire ordeal, Andy worked with her mom and sister to take care of Mandy, doing everything from driving her to work to going to all of her doctor's appointments. Love is all about beautiful, selfless actions like that, and it is evident that Andy will always be by Mandy's side, for better or for worse after that incident! 

Andy and Mandy are a perfect match for one another, and we loved how joyful they were together at their engagement session! It made me smile when Andy would whisper something to Mandy that had her crack up laughing with the most genuine, beautiful smile! We're counting down the days to their rustic wedding next month! It's going to be an intimate, laidback, fun day, and we can't wait!!